Help for Kyushu

DriveSavers Offers Data Recovery Relief to Kyushu affected by landslides and flooding

(KOBE, Japan. July 5, 2019) – DriveSavers, the worldwide leader in data recovery, announced today data recovery assistance to those affected by the torrential rains, flooding and landslides on the island of Kyushu in Southwestern Japan.

More than 1.09 million residents across two prefectures in Kyushu, including the entire populations of three cities in Kagoshima Prefecture, were ordered to evacuate on Wednesday, July 3 as continuing torrential rain raised the risk of floods and mudslides. Over 1,000mm (39in) of rain has fallen on Kyushu island since Friday, and Japan’s Meteorological Agency forecasts the rains will continue into next week. During this national emergency, over 14,000 additional staff have been deployed by the Ministry of Japan to assist emergency responders to protect and save lives across all affected areas in Kyushu.

As the rains subside, individuals and businesses across Kyushu begin to switch their focus to recovering from the damage caused by this unprecedented rainfall.

“As residents return home from evacuations and and businesses across Kyushu begin efforts to getting back to business, we would like to extend our services to assist where we can in recovering lost data from damaged computer storage and mobile devices,” said Kobe-based DriveSavers Japan Director James Coleman. “DriveSavers has over 30 years of experience recovering critical information from all kinds of storage devices, including devices damaged by floods and other natural disasters. From precious memories like family photos and videos, to business critical data including financial records, tax documents, contact lists and more, we can save it.”

“With the best techniques, the best data recovery facilities and extensive experience, we have the ability to help our neighbors in Kyushu recover from this unprecedented rainfall and the damage it has caused. By recovering data from hard drives, smartphones, and other devices damaged by this storm, we can help anyone affected to get their lives and businesses back to normal as quickly as possible,” said Nathan S. Bryan, DriveSavers Japan Director of Operations.

From now through October 1, 2019, DriveSavers is offering a ¥50,000 discount on data recovery services for hard drives, smartphones, cameras, gaming devices, RAIDs, and any other data storage devices damaged by floodwaters, mud or impact. To start the data recovery process, call DriveSavers at 0800-123-6243 (free dial within Japan) or visit



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